February 7, 2014

Mapping rice in Africa

This is a caption. © photo: Hildegard Wachtweitel
This is a caption. © photo: Hildegard Wachtweitel

“Rice today” has published an article, written by experts on rice and remote sensing from IRRI, AfricaRice and sarmap. A recent field exploration tour in Benin revealed that the situation in Africa can be very different from Asia when it comes to the use of remote sensing for mapping rice areas. This is especially true in the rainfed areas in humid and semihumid zones, where rice cultivation is highly dynamic, spatially fragmented, and in small fields. These factors complicate the search for rice from space; thus, an alternative for mapping rice in Africa is needed.

IRRI, AfricaRice and sarmap are now working together to check whether radar remote sensing imagery can be used for mapping rice areas in Africa.

Read the full article “Mapping rice in Africa” on the IRRI website.